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Zimbabwean Registration Form:

Welcome to the sign in page for Zimbabweans to recieve access to our online mbira lesson database!  This access includes not only lessons, but also access to many livestream concerts, recordings, and more!  Remember, you don’t have to only be based in Austin to recieve these benefits!  We are happy to extend these benefits to ALL Zimbabawans anywhere in the world! I’m thankful that you are here, and I’m thankful to give back in this way.  In order to complete the registration, please fill out the form below.  The username and password that you enter will become your login credentials.  After you have completed the form, you will receive an email confirmation.  Once you email or whatsapp me a copy of your ID and I have validated that you are a Zimbabwean then I will approve your membership.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]  Please note that I am the only person maintaining this website, so I will reply a soon as I can.  Lastly, this website is very much a work in progress.  All my lessons are on my Patreon page: which is a paid subscription, and I am slowly in the process of migrating those videos over here.